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The EVO offers great style, economy, and environmental friendliness-with no strings attached!


Back by popular demand, SYM is proud to introduce a retro- style unit with features added especially for the US market.

Lance-Cali Classics

Cali Classic is a unique scooter with a style of its own and extremely easy to ride. Unmistakable at a glance, with a unique design and character, and a vast range of finishes compared to others, the Cali Classic is the perfect means of transportation.

We will service any make or model of scooter!


Timeless Classic Style Part of the attraction is certainly the classic retro design which is spot on. The SYM Symba 100 is a “Cub” style motorcycle built to be stylish, fuel efficient and appealing.


The SYM Mio 50 is a great combination of sweeping lines, stunning dimensions and plenty of little touches here and there. But where it really shines is the light weight, small wheel base, good turning ability, comfortable low seat height, low operating cost and great fuel economy.

SYM Wolf Classice 150

The SYM Wolf Classic 150 shows off its aggressiveness and power on any road. The front disc offers exceptional cooling, braking and safety. The headlight is equipped with H4 Halogen lamp for extra brightness and wider sight. Ergonomic designed seat is comfortable for both single and double riders.

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Scooter Invasion is an Arizona owned and operated company.  We strive to provide you with the best customer experience when choosing your scooter. Our scooter product line is stylish as well as affordable.



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